Donna Karan came into this world in 1948 in Queens and has built her name a household one together with her collections of designer clothing, glasses, and perfumes. Her mother was a model and her dad a tailor, resulting in her awareness in the world of fashion, and she began selling clothes at age of 14. She continued to work for popular designer Anne Klein, eventually heading up the design team, and launched her own manufacturer in 1984, where she remained till 1989. At this time she brought out her “Seven Easy Pieces”, which grew to become legendary and opened the entranceway for the later growth into colognes.

Donna Karan New York is an American fashion firm launched by designer Donna Karan and her late husband Stephan Weiss.

This company expanded its brands while using the DKNY brand, targeted at young women, and eventually with DKNY Jeans, DKNY Men and DKNY Active, expanding over time into children’s clothing, home accessories and beauty products too.

The initial parfum, Donna Karan for female, was released in 1992. Together with Estee Lauder, new smells for men and women were made available through the 1990s. Luxury goods conglomerate LVMH bought the company in 2000. Colognes continue to be offered under the Donna Karan Beauty and DKNY labels.

DKNY Men was published in 2000. It has leading notes of ginger and mandarin orange, center notes of ivy and juniper and base notes of sandalwood and maple. It features a masculine however gentle smell. Cologne for males has been available since 2006 referred to as DKNY Red Delicious. That it was a limited release which has a woody smell.

Donna Karan designs will always be done trying to keep the modern women in mind. Her cologne range also has a similar impact. It provides a touch of originality, daring, bold, mystique yet sophisticated and chic. Donna Karan parfum line is very special and would make a great parfum in a scent collection.

One of several rare aromas from Donna Karan would be the Chaos which was introduced in 1996. It’s now re-launched by Bergdorf Goodman. We have an oriental aroma of chamomile, saffron, coriander, carnations, cinnamon, sandalwood and musk. This scent is daring using a distinctive fragrance of spices, woods and herbs. Eventhough it’s quite expensive, but is also truly worth your hard earned money.

Be Delicious and Be Delicious Night are a set of Donna Karan colognes that aid in retaining a theme throughout a day while putting a level of elegance in the evening. Motivated by Ny, the day wear formula is a blend of several light flower aromas with the obvious apple essence, all layered with cucumber, grapefruit, amber, and wood. Be Delicious Night contains a sexier mixture of ginger, jasmine petals, purple freesia, amber, and chilled blackberry martini, with only a hint of night-blooming orchids.

For those who like dkny perfume and would like to include one more item into it when choosing, DKNY has great packages that are on offer. You will find the Be Delicious Coin Purse Gift Set, perfect to give as a present for your best friend and that she will certainly enjoy. Needless to say, you can give her even if it is not Mother’s Day the DKNY Be Delightful Mother’s Day set that comes with a spray and also a fragrance. Without a doubt, DKNY Scents are not only the very best fragrances in the market but function as the perfect gift selection also.